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28 Sep 2009 WWII Reenactment WOW

Went out to in Midway Village in Rockford Il to watch on of the largest WWII Reenactments in the USA. Over 800 solders (check out how to be an enactor) and 8,000 tourist watching .

Being a Vietnam war veteran myself it was exciting and disturbing at the same time. LOL

Here are a couple of pictures I took.


US pushes back German

US pushes back German Assult

Germany Assults US Troups

Germany Assults US Troups


Street Fighting reenactments

Street Fighting reenactments


Nurses Tent WWII

Nurses Tent WWII

27 Aug 2009 Fall/Winter Coupon Right click and print


17 Feb 2009 No Mountian Too High


This is one of Andy Armstrongs Backgrounds McKenna is 9 Months old

19 Jan 2009 Drag Racing Car

This is a car that a friend of mine asked me to photograph as a gift to the owner. He works on cars and raced this car. These are his times


10 Nov 2008 Some Cute Videos to check Out

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Cute Kids

Cute Kids

14 Sep 2008 Where is the portrait going to hang?

Another thing to consider when selecting what to wear is the location of the final portrait. If it will hang in the living room over the fireplace, you should try to incorporate the color scheme of the room into your clothing choices.

Of course you will want to choose outfits that fit your personality and make you feel more attractive. You don’t want to color coordinate with the fireplace if the outfit is going to make you feel creepy.

Create color harmony and ensure that all outfits are coordinated. Avoid patterns or stripes — solid, neutral color look the best. Avoid wearing short skirts or shorts, as they make posing more difficult. Long, flowing dresses, jeans, and khakis make better selections.

Sleeveless shirts or tops with very short sleeves are sometimes very unflattering in portraits, thus should be avoided.

Because shoes often show in portraits, ensure that the shoes you wear compliment your clothing. However, bare feet also works in many cases.