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30 Mar 2010 Gerry’s Pizza Rockford,IL

KristonThis is a really cute kid I photographed at Gerry’s Pizza in Rockford, IL this week. Enjoy

This is a post I just put up on the Gerry’s Pizza Rockford, IL blog site.

My family has been eating at Gerry’s Pizza for years and years. Their pizza is the best in Rockford and the other Italian dishes they serve are also wonderful. I highly recommend Gerry;s Pizza if you want a nice family place to take the kids. I photographed a birthday party there the other day and I will tell you, they… treat everyone like family. Try it you will love it.

A great place to take the kids after a sporting event! I mean the whole bunch of them! LOL

And this is a link to their menu. If you are every in Rockford, IL you will want to check them out.

Follow this link to the Menu.

14 Mar 2010 Cindy the Cutie

She did a great job. She is a mother of two.

27 Aug 2009 Fall/Winter Coupon Right click and print


17 Feb 2009 No Mountian Too High


This is one of Andy Armstrongs Backgrounds McKenna is 9 Months old

17 Feb 2009 Walking a Mile in daddy’s Shoes


Playing around with Some of Andy Armstrongs Designhouse actions

17 Feb 2009 The Scent of a Man


10 Feb 2009 One more Kelsey Pose

This was a fun shot with the teddy bear. She was so easy to photograph. What a natural beauty!

Lil teddy bear