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Leaving after being picked on

I was at Beaumont Park in Cherry Valley, IL This Saturday  April 7, 2012 and they were having their 12th annual Easter egg Hunt. I have a few shots I took on my Facebook site  you might want to check it out. I also to a cute shot of Mr and Mrs Easter Bunny walking off into the sunset. I wrote a little funny thing about that. It went like this;

After being told one time too many by 10 years old that they are not believable, Mr. Bunny and his wife Easter walk away with their jelly eggs. This is the last time you are going to have Mr. Bunny to kick around he was quoted as saying as he walked off into the sunset. They later ran into a local hunter who told them how they would make a nice stew.  The bunnies are now preparing for “Normal” delivers, even to the unbelieving!— Well I thought it was funny! LOL


Went out the other day and photographed the Rockford Green Monsters little league baseball team the other afternoon and I have to tell you it is so much fun watching those kids play baseball in Rockford, IL.
There was a kid on this team of 8-9 year olds that was chewing gum and spitting! LOL So for those of you who do not think kids pick stuff up from watching TV ….. WRONG!! … LOL
He looked like a White Sox player! Check the pictures of the Rockford Green Monsters baseball team on my Facebook and don’t forget to “Like” the page. I need 25 “Likes” before I can get this page as a standalone page away from my other family Facebook page. Soooo Please Please Please.??
I am going to be making a YouTube video of them in the next week or so and you will be able to find them on YouTube by typing “Rockford Green Monsters little league baseball team” into your Google search. That is how I am planning on titling the video.