My New Flipbook of Examples


    I came across this widget on Word press that I thought was very cool for showing lots of examples of my work with having to scroll down all the time.  

 Also, check out these two cute picture videos with music that I made from a photo shoot I had at  Beaumont Park in Cherry Valley, IL. If you have not visited Beaumont Park, it has a wonderful walking path around a lake and a nice hill for winter sleight rides and fishing and a playground for the kids. If you click on Beaumont Park it will take to to their information page.

OK!  Enough about the park here are my two links to Kings on Location’s Beaumont Park Photography Session. You will laugh! Feel free to share.  



Fun at the Park a fun photo session put to music

    Fun at the Park Take Two 

 (another fun photo session put to music)

 Take Two is more of an extension of the first one with different music.  LOL

Check them out!  They are a couple of wild and crazy kids. This will make you smile!



This is a nice family I did through my Op Love work.  

I enjoy doing this for our veterans and families.  

It makes me feel good inside.