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Man is this high tech stuff moving faster than a speeding bullet!

I get a brand new Nikon D200 and the D300 comes out before I get a grip on the D200.

I decide to do a giant step above the D300 and get the D3 (the Rolls Royce of the Nikon Line) now they are bringing out the D700 which does most of the stuff the D3 does but much lighter.  LOL

Good for me they say that the D3 will be around for the next 20 years pretty much like the Nikon F1 did with the film cameras, So I do not have to buy a D700.  Whew!!

Now all I have to do is to learn the 16,000 things you can do with the D3.

Of course I know enough to do some great photography now and I will be building my web site as I get more and more digital images shot. (And when I get the time to sit down and work on my site)

I look at some of my earlier work with photoshop and the newer stuff with photoshop CS4 and I have to smile.. I have taken weeks of classes on photoshop and it has paid off.

I’ll be in touch! Check my coupons section on my blog  to see what specials I am running.

I love this shot!  Working into my body of work.

I love this shot! Working into my body of work.