03 May 2010 More From the Not Dante’s Inferno

This is not about Dante’s The Inferno, it’s about The NoBS infero that just took place in Chicago, IL.


 Stephen King here again talking about the fun time we photographers had at the  NoBS inferno.

I was playing with this gif file. if the pictures is not changing for you then I messed up. LOL

I thought I would add a little more about the goings on in Chicago.

One of the things we did was to go downtown Chicago at night and photograph the nighttime skyline of Chicago. I was not because of over drinking that I did not make it and have no pictures to show, it was because I was dead on my feet from the all learning and I went to bed early so that I could get up and get going again. Kris Gay form Fort Wayne, IN got some great shots AND was able to make the entire next day! LOL nice to be young.

Bye the way that is Kris Gay jumping into the pool with her cloths on. LOL

I did this shot of Robert Provencher he was on of the guys putting on the NoBs Inferno in Chicago this year.

I call this my “Red neck” shot. LOL

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