23 Apr 2010 Herding Cats in Chicago

Herding Cats in Chicago 2010


Not actually cat herding like the professionals of ole times past but it was very much like herding cats when it came to taking a picture of 100 plus photographers all given their opinions of how it should look. LOL So click on this and check out how we  Herd Photographer Cats.  

That is me on the far side of the pool wondering what they put in the kool aide at lunch time. LOL   Kidding!!  I would have been in there with them if I did not have my camera around my neck and wallet in my pocket.
Someone suggested that we all get into the pool for the group picture but then they were reminded that we did not all have bathing suits. Well it turned out that no one who jumped into the pool before they were told we were not doing the “in the pool shot” had bathing suits on. Which goes to show we are just a bunch of “wild and crazy guys”! LOL   

The Cat Herd That is me second from your right standing under theword “ME”. Hmmm how did that get there? my wife is two over from me. Would you like to know why? Well I was one of the last one to get herded that’s why! LOL  

Cat herding that is what it was. Hey check out the professional cat herders and how they did it. Their level of cat herding is almost equal to the level of professional photographers at the No BS Inferno.   The Cat Herders of Yesteryear! If you have not seen this yet you are a couple of million viewers behind times!  LOL    More later … See ya later ..Bye! 

    Check them out Click Here.  


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