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13 Feb 2012 Dixieland Docs play at the Discovery Center for Valentine’s Day 2012


Dixieland Docs Rockford, IL

I was down to the Discovery Center here in Rockford, IL for the Sundaes on Sunday annual make you own ice cream sundae day. LOL (Say those three times)

Swedish American Hospital has a group of medical professionals called the Dixieland Docs that get together for their own and others’ amusement, amazement, and group psychotherapy and they were playing for our enjoyment while we ate our sundaes and tapped our feet.

Their information and promo sheet tells us that…

Play dates generally are limited to supporting community, regional, and national not-for-profit agencies and fund raisers and to providing public relations for the medical community and hospitals; community education regarding Dixieland and Jazz, including various church services; entertainment for senior citizen high-rises and retirement homes; and such other projects as a majority of the group’s members feel “just would be a lot of fun to do!”

The members of the group and the Dixieland Docs receive no payment for services, but instead encourage honoraria in the range of $400 to $500 dollars “per gig” payable to the Swedish American Hospital Chaplains’ Fund, by those agencies and groups able to do so. Since its birth twenty-three years ago, the Dixieland Docs have played over 400 venues and rose (Over) $40,000.00 for the Swedish American Hospital Chaplains’ Fund used as a discretionary fund by the chaplains for persons, agencies and community in special need.

I beleive the person to contact would be Pediatrician, Jan Elliott, MD.

This is him playing the clarinet! Well not PLAYING the clarinet but waiting to play!