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24 Apr 2012 2012 Classics and Chrome Car Show Rockford, IL

Good cars for a good cause!  I spend a wonderful Sunday afternoon with my Son-in-Law and grandson at the Rockford Classics and Chrome Car Show. Meet some very nice people and looked at some beautiful cars.
The Classics and Chrome Car Show is the largest indoor car show in Northern Illinois and has become one of Rockford’s signature events in helping drive tourism and revenue to the Stateline area. Since its inception in 2001, Classics and Chrome has featured more than 1,000 vehicles, raised more than $500,000 for Keith Country Day School, given away $450,000 in raffle prizes and entertained more than 50,000 spectators.

This year the show was located at the old Menards building in Machesney Park with more than 120 vehicles on display including pre and post-war classics, sports cars, muscle cars, hot-rod and custom cars, exotic and race cars, specialty cars and motorcycles. Attendees and car owners were both local and national. In recent years, patrons and owners have been from Chicago or other parts of Illinois, Iowa, Indiana, Missouri, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Michigan, Ohio, New York and Arizona.


Food was provided by Der Rathskellar, there was a performance by Indianapolis 500 magician Bill Hunter, and vendor booths had giveaways. The show  also featured a raffle with a grand prize of $15,000. Second prize is $3,000 and third prize is $2,000. Raffle tickets was $100 each and $500 for six.

Admission was $6 with Children 10 and under are free. Raffle tickets odds were very very good this year and I wished that I had bought the Six for $500 there was advanced sales at  and my guess is that they will do that again next year.

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13 Feb 2012 Dixieland Docs play at the Discovery Center for Valentine’s Day 2012


Dixieland Docs Rockford, IL

I was down to the Discovery Center here in Rockford, IL for the Sundaes on Sunday annual make you own ice cream sundae day. LOL (Say those three times)

Swedish American Hospital has a group of medical professionals called the Dixieland Docs that get together for their own and others’ amusement, amazement, and group psychotherapy and they were playing for our enjoyment while we ate our sundaes and tapped our feet.

Their information and promo sheet tells us that…

Play dates generally are limited to supporting community, regional, and national not-for-profit agencies and fund raisers and to providing public relations for the medical community and hospitals; community education regarding Dixieland and Jazz, including various church services; entertainment for senior citizen high-rises and retirement homes; and such other projects as a majority of the group’s members feel “just would be a lot of fun to do!”

The members of the group and the Dixieland Docs receive no payment for services, but instead encourage honoraria in the range of $400 to $500 dollars “per gig” payable to the Swedish American Hospital Chaplains’ Fund, by those agencies and groups able to do so. Since its birth twenty-three years ago, the Dixieland Docs have played over 400 venues and rose (Over) $40,000.00 for the Swedish American Hospital Chaplains’ Fund used as a discretionary fund by the chaplains for persons, agencies and community in special need.

I beleive the person to contact would be Pediatrician, Jan Elliott, MD.

This is him playing the clarinet! Well not PLAYING the clarinet but waiting to play!









17 Jul 2010 Rockford Tigers

Here are some pictures I did of my grandsons last Baseball game here in Rockford, IL 

Rockford Tigers.    << Click here


08 May 2010 This is a Mommy Brain when kids are fighting
So I was in the process of wrapping Mothers day presents for Cindy and one for her mom with the Grand kids Andrew and Allie aka “The wild Ones”and everything is going pretty well. The kids are having fun and enjoying putting together the annual happy mothers day picture for their Mommy and their Mommy’s Mommy (Grandma Celner)

The wild ones

What we try to do is come up with something funny each year and make a picture out of it for the moms.  I came up with the idea that we could wrap them up in packing paper, (kind of a off white paper) and the kids could draw something on “their” half of the wrapping paper. It was a good idea and worked out very well for the first wrapped present, that was their moms Mothers day gift.

The problem came with the second wrapping of Grandma’s present when Allie started drawing on Andrew “side” then Andrew drew on Allies side and Allie drew X’s through what Andrew drew on Allies side and Andrew drew X’s on what Allie drew on Andrews side the X’s and on what Allie drew on Allie’s side.  Wait! I’m confused! But you get the picture!

The Point being is that the first package looked very good. See

 PS Allie is a Lady Bugaholic

The Problem came later when they started running out of “Happy Steam” and started moving into the  “Pick on my Sib Mode”.  I was looking at the two newly wrapped presents and the pictures on the front of the stuck me as a visual image of what their moms brain might look like when they are fighting. LOL

So I told them “Andrew, Allie see this package here, this is what your mothers brain looks like when you two are getting along. See Andrew’s flowers and the nice sun and pretty clouds. And look at yours  Allie!  The big sunny skies and cute little lady bug and the sweet little hearts that look soooo cute!

Now look at your Grandma Celner’s present!  This is what your Mommy’s brain looks like when you two are not getting along.!”

Mommy's Brain when you kids are not getting along

Andrew could see what I  was saying Allie not so much she has not reached the age of reason heck she just barley going into the age of teasing!

Well it was all fun the kids had a blast even when they we acting up and they even felt a little bad looking at Grandma Celner’s package afterwards and comparing it to the early works of art. But hey even Picasso had his moments. We will call the kids first one as their Picasso’s blue period and the last one as Picasso’s cubits period. LOL

Oh by the way would you be interested in seeing the Rockford works of art the the kids came up with?  It all  started  with me noticing that every time Andrew, Allie and I take our  “adventure walks”  Allie picks dandelions to take home to her mom. So Andrew and I thought “what if they were huge!?”  So that is where the 40 pound dandelions idea came from.  Andrew is going to need a leaf blower to blow his dandelion seeds! LOL   Oh and how would you like to look out your back window and see 4 foot tall dandelions filling up your back yard. MORAL: Stay out of the land “Bigger is Better” and just get that thought out of your mind.

Allie and Andrew in their Blue Period. The Calm before the Storm!

03 May 2010 More From the Not Dante’s Inferno

This is not about Dante’s The Inferno, it’s about The NoBS infero that just took place in Chicago, IL.


 Stephen King here again talking about the fun time we photographers had at the  NoBS inferno.

I was playing with this gif file. if the pictures is not changing for you then I messed up. LOL

I thought I would add a little more about the goings on in Chicago.

One of the things we did was to go downtown Chicago at night and photograph the nighttime skyline of Chicago. I was not because of over drinking that I did not make it and have no pictures to show, it was because I was dead on my feet from the all learning and I went to bed early so that I could get up and get going again. Kris Gay form Fort Wayne, IN got some great shots AND was able to make the entire next day! LOL nice to be young.

Bye the way that is Kris Gay jumping into the pool with her cloths on. LOL

I did this shot of Robert Provencher he was on of the guys putting on the NoBs Inferno in Chicago this year.

I call this my “Red neck” shot. LOL

23 Apr 2010 Herding Cats in Chicago

Herding Cats in Chicago 2010


Not actually cat herding like the professionals of ole times past but it was very much like herding cats when it came to taking a picture of 100 plus photographers all given their opinions of how it should look. LOL So click on this and check out how we  Herd Photographer Cats.  

That is me on the far side of the pool wondering what they put in the kool aide at lunch time. LOL   Kidding!!  I would have been in there with them if I did not have my camera around my neck and wallet in my pocket.
Someone suggested that we all get into the pool for the group picture but then they were reminded that we did not all have bathing suits. Well it turned out that no one who jumped into the pool before they were told we were not doing the “in the pool shot” had bathing suits on. Which goes to show we are just a bunch of “wild and crazy guys”! LOL   

The Cat Herd That is me second from your right standing under theword “ME”. Hmmm how did that get there? my wife is two over from me. Would you like to know why? Well I was one of the last one to get herded that’s why! LOL  

Cat herding that is what it was. Hey check out the professional cat herders and how they did it. Their level of cat herding is almost equal to the level of professional photographers at the No BS Inferno.   The Cat Herders of Yesteryear! If you have not seen this yet you are a couple of million viewers behind times!  LOL    More later … See ya later ..Bye! 

    Check them out Click Here.  

21 Apr 2010 The Photography Inferno workshop in Chicago, IL

Just got home from the Inferno workshop in Chicago, IL

Easier to follow this link than for me to explain it but I have got to tell you it was one of the fastest, hardest hitting, fact packed, 3 days I have been to in a Long time. Thanks Rob and James for putting together such a fine group of photo professionals.

 Rockford photographer returns from the inferno

30 Mar 2010 Gerry’s Pizza Rockford,IL

KristonThis is a really cute kid I photographed at Gerry’s Pizza in Rockford, IL this week. Enjoy

This is a post I just put up on the Gerry’s Pizza Rockford, IL blog site.

My family has been eating at Gerry’s Pizza for years and years. Their pizza is the best in Rockford and the other Italian dishes they serve are also wonderful. I highly recommend Gerry;s Pizza if you want a nice family place to take the kids. I photographed a birthday party there the other day and I will tell you, they… treat everyone like family. Try it you will love it.

A great place to take the kids after a sporting event! I mean the whole bunch of them! LOL

And this is a link to their menu. If you are every in Rockford, IL you will want to check them out.

Follow this link to the Menu.

15 Mar 2010 Happy Birthday Age 3

Happy Birthday

This is a sweet little girl I photographed here in Rockford,IL for her birthday.

14 Mar 2010 Cindy the Cutie

She did a great job. She is a mother of two.